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This ebook was written by renowned ghost writer, founder of WriterServices.net and CEO of a book publishing company—Robert Nahas. This book gives the essentials to keep you safe from those who are not looking out for your best interests.

Robert has said, “In the 11th hour, after many hours of sleepless nights, much effort and high expense, it is a shame when unsuspecting authors take this final step of publishing in the wrong direction. Publishing in a way that does NOT support your goals is a costly mistake”.

You can avoid the many pitfalls that certain publishers’ sales people will insist right for you; even though they know nothing about your goals and future plans. It’s interesting how the car industry has reformed its sales personnel and yet the book industry has seemed to take over this infamous position of selling people something they don’t need.

Protect yourself with knowledge. This ebook will keep you free from regret and sabotage. More importantly, it will enable you to choose THE BEST publishing option for YOU. You have an important purpose. It is up to you to protect that purpose and allow it to come to fruition. If you have written a valuable book, your next step is to ensure it is distributed adequately and that distribution aligns with your goals and plans. This book will help you immensely with that.


HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK THE RIGHT WAY: Avoid the pitfalls, know your options and make the best publishing decisions possible for the success of your book?


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