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How to Make More Money and
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From: Robert Nahas, CEO of Writer Services, LLC and Founder of

Have you ever wondered how millionaires get so much done?

These individuals get more done before lunch time than most people accomplish in a week. This is no exaggeration.

Journalists, book writers and other curious interviewers often ask extremely successful people what the secret is to their success. 

Anyone I’ve ever interviewed or read about seemed to skirt the answer with a few simple maxims (helpful sayings) like…

“Early to bed, early to rise…” and one or two others. 

And though their cryptic answers are very true and extremely powerful if understood and applied correctly, we don’t learn enough about these behaviors to be able to incorporate their daily secrets of success. 

Here’s the #1 factor behind immense success beyond your wildest dreams…


The fact is, millionaires and billionaires—people who are making a BIG DIFFERENCE by positively affecting large masses of the population—are super-productive people. 

Their speed and accuracy with what they do is almost freakish to observe.

But they seem to hold their most coveted secrets of productivity very close to their chest.

Just think for a minute what you could do if you suddenly found out how powerhouses like President Trump, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins and others are so productive?

That WOULD be something!

I’m not saying I have the playbook of Grant Cardone’s or anybody else’s, BUT the fundamental truth that…


…is something to know and NOT IGNORE.

We Can Agree On One Thing For Sure

So, we can agree that the more productive we can become, the greater our potential for achieving the level of success we want. The kind of success we dream about and want it so badly we can taste it.


There are certain truths about PRODUCTIVITY that have been shared by immensely successful people. You could call it the figurative “Black Book of Productivity Secrets” if you will.

Imagine getting hold of exactly HOW the powerhouses of the world seem to move through a typical day with super-human ability?


The Black Book of Productivity Secrets

Learn To Succeed by Being Super-Productive And Developing Your Attitude For Success!​

Does This Sound Familiar?

Most of us spend a huge amount of time at the office not really working. Oh, we’re doing things, but much of it is handling distractions and putting out fires than it is making money.

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything BUT making money!

Work from home mom being distracted

If you were to know what the super successful actions of millionaires in how they are massively productive when at work, your life would be very different.

For one thing, you’d have more FREE TIME to spend on what you love doing.

And that’s why we’re here today. To get some amazing secrets of very successful people.

Here’s one MAJOR RULE:

The more productive we are, the more money we make.

This may sound ridiculously simple, but working hard and fast does not mean we’re being productive. Not even close.

If we were to take an honest look at our work and ONLY counted the time we were directly producing to make money, you would immediately see just how much time is wasted.

And TIME is something we have very little of.

But that’s all about to change…

 Being highly productive allows you to finish your tasks in 2/3rds of the time. There’s 1/3rd more time you now have gained for your life!

That’s hours to spend doing things you love, to work on side projects, hanging out with your family or making more money.

You have the power of choice when you’re self-employed.

But if you’re reading this, then I’m guessing that hasn’t been your experience so far!

Woman sitting at desk not knowing what to do next

Perhaps you’re feeling trapped. 

Or maybe you feel vulnerable, with no options but to wait for opportunity to knock on your door.

Perhaps you’re feeling OVERWHELMED. 

Suddenly, there is no one looking over your shoulder. There is no accountability and no social pressure to get things done.

You’re feeling cooped up in the house, and frankly, miserable. 

And so when the day starts, there is simply no way that you can find the motivation to sit down to work properly. IF YOU EVEN HAVE WORK TO TEND TO!

What Is The Solution To All Of This?​

This letter is about you developing more options in your life. Ultimately, to make more money and experience the success, happiness and freedom you know you deserve.

That would be to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.

Working from home is ALL ABOUT having the right mindset. It’s about shifting the way you think about work, and it’s about training yourself to be able to operate with an incredible focus.

Imagine being able to sit down and complete a day’s work in 5 hours. That’s not a far-fetched fairy tale: it’s something that countless people can do with time and practice.

You could start work at 7am (with the discipline to get up early) and you could be finished by 12pm! You could have the whole rest of the day free.

I put together some eye-opening information that reveals how to successfully work from home or as a small business owner. 

You will become more productive and get more done, all without going crazy.

The Black Book of Productivity Secrets​

Learn To Succeed by Being Super-Productive And Developing Your Attitude For Success!​​

You’ll benefit so much by reading this information. Here are some of the many things that very successful people do, which you will learn:

  • How to tackle tasks and structure your workflow for maximum productivity.
  • How to introduce positive habits that keep you happy, healthy, and focused.
  • How to optimize your health, wellbeing, and other self-care tips.
  • How to use amazing apps that let you do more and save a HUGE amount of time.
  • How to create a perfect home office. What makes a productive office, what you should avoid, and what you should implement.
  • How to start each day feeling charged and ready to go.
  • How to take maximum advantage of the work from home lifestyle in order to spend more time doing what you love.
  • Learn certain things very few people in the entire world even know, including your competition.
  • How to overcome writer’s block. We all know it’s a struggle trying to write or create. Follow these tips and tricks to help you overcome writer’s block.
  • Tools and software to help you collaborate with other team members.
  • How to organize your workspace for productivity.
  • How to deal with isolation and loneliness working from home.
  • Know some of the BEST, most profitable small businesses you can conduct from your home and have no boundaries because you can have them online too.
  • Find out about one career in particular that just might be the most lucrative of all businesses in the world. 
  • With this best-kept business mentioned above, you’ll find out how to develop very low-cost products that have super-high profit margins.
  • Find out what the MOST IN-DEMAND commodity is in the world. HINT: It’s not gold, diamonds, platinum or any other precious gems or metals.
  • + much, much more!

Does that sound great or what?

Are you ready to get hold of the secrets of highly successful business moguls and be more productive than you’ll ever believe possible? 

How Much Is This Information
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This information itself is priceless when you think of how much it is going to rev up your productivity.

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Black Book of Productivity Secrets

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